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Do you have any problems when you are doing Diamond Painting? I guess most people will say yes. These problems range from how to frame the Diamond Painting, how to store the beads to how to remove the adhesive things from the surface.

Well, while doing Diamond Painting is fun, solving these problems is not easy. It requires technique and skills. But don’t worry. We will guide you on the way.


How to Frame the Diamond Painting?

 Diamond Painting Stretcher Bar

Most people may go for a wood frame. But the problem is that most of the Diamond Paintings have a weird size. It is not easy for you to go for the right size. However, you can choose the stretcher bars frame for the Diamond Painting. They have different size and most of them are produced by the Diamond Painting providers. So it will be easy for you to find the right size for your Diamond Paintings. Besides, it is easy to make the frame-up. No extra skills are needed.


How to View Clearly While You Are Doing Paint With Diamonds?

 Diamond Painting Magnification Glass

If the symbol on the canvas is too small for you, the Magnification Glass is your choice. It can enlarge the symbol on the canvas for you. Then you can see the symbol on the symbol. For people who are aged, this will be the best selection.

Some people may say you can just use a magnifier, but I would say when you are painting with diamonds, you don’t have extra hands for holding the magnifier. When the glasses, it would be more convenient.

Diamond Painting Lightpad

If the symbol on the canvas is not small for you but you are working in a dark environment, then the Light Pad would be your choice. It can light up the pasted area for you. The symbol on the canvas will be easier to be recognized.

Diamond Painting Light Pen

Another product can make your work easy – the lighting pen. Instead of light up from the back of the pasted area, it directly lights up the area you want to paste in front of the pen. For a tight budget user, this would be a better choice.


How to Make the Beads Pasted Straightly?

 Diamond Painting Anti-Adhesive Ruler

You may wonder why your beads are not aligned straightly. Well, because you are not using the right tool. What you need is a ruler, a special ruler that anti-adhesive and has many holes in it. This ruler is called Anti-Adhesive Diamond Painting Ruler. It has many holes in it. It will not be adhesive to the canvas. What you need to do is just paste the beads along with the holes. Simple and elegant.


How to Store the Beads?

 Diamond Painting Storage Box

Now come to the problem of storing your beads. Some diamond paintings come with zip-lock bags that you can store your beads easily with. But some don’t. You don’t want to make your beads messy with different colors, right? The best choice is to store them into different bins. Hence here comes the tic tac storage box. You can save the beads into the tic-tac box and then label them. When you want to use it, you can just pour the beads out of the box.


How to Flatten the Beads on the Canvas and Make It Stick Firm to the Canvas

Diamond Painting Roller

You may also encounter the problem that the beads on the canvas are not flattened and it is like a wave. Also, the beads are easy to be falling off. The way to make it flat and sticky is to use a roller. You can roll the beads on the canvas easy and then all the beads will be flattened. Let alone the adhesive problem.

Well, after introducing so many products to make your Diamond Painting more productive and easier, I think you feel better while doing a Diamond Painting. Now, let's paint with diamonds.


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