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What is Diamond Painting?

It’s more like paint by numbers, but constructed with tiny sparkling pieces that resemble diamonds. It is also called Diamond Cross Stitch, Diamond Embroidery, Diamond Dotz or Diamond Art. Diamond Painting is a wonderful activity for anybody who loves to craft, regardless of their age. Let's paint with diamonds now! It is also the best gift to your friends, family and lovers.

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Diamond Painting - Make Your Own Paint

$ 23.99 USD $ 39.99 USD

Light Pad For Diamond Painting

$ 39.99 USD $ 45.99 USD

Diamond Painting Basic Tool Set

$ 29.99 USD $ 35.99 USD

Diamond Painting - Blue Hummingbird

$ 14.55 USD $ 24.20 USD

Diamond Painting - Santa Claus

$ 16.99 USD $ 24.99 USD

Diamond painting - Labrador Dog & Rose

$ 17.99 USD $ 26.65 USD

Diamond Painting Lighting Pen

$ 20.99 USD $ 25.99 USD

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Want to Win Cool Prizes?

Take a selfie with our product and email it to to win!


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You may want to know what is diamond painting, what are the tips of doing diamond painting, how to seal it or hand it on the wall. Here is the guide for you. In this guide, we will walk through every aspect of Diamond Painting and help you get an insight into it.

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